Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Fast Forward 2 Years...

There have been countless times where I've wanted to go back to fill in all the missing months and now years that I have missed updating...but it gives me too much anxiety and is too time consuming, so I'm just going to start again now. 

Obviously, a lot has changed over the past 2 years.  Novaley has gone from being a baby to a toddler going on a teenager.  She is still going to the same Montessori school, and loves both her teachers and all her classmates...especially the boys----which is scary.  

Novaley loves to sing and dance...do gymnastics, play at the park, read books, and pretend to be mine and Joe's teacher.  

I've now been at Bethune 2 years and Joe has been at Hill for almost 4.  Our schools are about 5 minutes apart so we typically carpool every morning.  We tutor Tues-Thurs after school, and work Saturday school almost every weekend.  Novaley typically comes with me to Saturday school and my kids absolutely love her.  

We have an almost non-existent "social life".  Especially being in Houston, where we only have a few friends still--outside of work.  I'm also finishing my Librarian degree, so that takes up the tiny fraction of "free" time I have outside of school.  

We still travel as much as possible, and this past thanksgiving we actually all got to go to Machu Picchu--which was AMAZING!  I can't wait to go there again someday when Novaley is older, and with my mom and brothers.  

Novaley has been working on trying to write her letters and spell her name.  She is very smart and can remember everything--and I mean EVERYTHING, even when you think she isn't paying attention.  She's very observant, but still reserved until she gets to know you. 

She still stays up until all hours of the night if we let her.  We re-did her room so now its a "big girl" room, but she hasn't been fond about sleeping alone.  

N had her first dentist visit today and did great! No cavities...yet.  But...no more sweet tea, even if it's watered down.  Her and I already cut out Starbucks for Lent, so I guess we will just add that to the list.  

We are excited that N was asked to be the flower girl for Joe's friend Chris's wedding in May, and even more excited for summer to come so we can go back and spend time with our families.  

Anyways, here are some random mixed pictures from the past 2 years...professional pics are her 3 year pictures taken in Dec. I haven't uploaded any from my phone the past few months, so i'll add those whenever I have the chance. hopefully sometime this week.