Friday, July 25, 2014

Summer Time

haven't updated in 3 months. a lot has happened since then. I graduated with my Masters degree and teaching certification and signed my first teaching contract for next year as a 4th grade ELA/Social Studies teacher.....I can't wait, but am sad that I won't be staying home with Novaley until she starts Kindergarten.  luckily we have a great montessori school that we send her to and that she loves.

this is actually the first summer where I haven't had any obligations besides being a mom since I was 15 years old. every summer I have either worked full time, been in school full time, or a combo of both.  typically the latter.  it's so nice (and bizarre) to have no outside obligations besides taking care of Novaley.  it is the break that I have been needing, but I am anxious to start working again in August.

Novaley and I got back to Minnesota May 16th and since then we have been enjoying all the time we have gotten to spend with family and friends.  I'll admit, we have been eating out wayyyyy too much, but it's the summer so oh well.

June and most of July have flown by, and I can't believe that it is the end of the month and only a few days until her 2nd birthday!

She will again be having 2 different for Joe's side, and one for mine.  We can't wait to see all of our family and friends! (especially the ones we haven't seen already this summer!)

I can't believe that Novaley is almost 2....I would do another chalkboard print out that says a bunch of facts about her, but I don't have my computer with me to use the photoshop.

-Novaley can speak in full sentences (although sometimes she talks so fast we have no idea what she is saying).
-she's potty trained, even through the night
-she can say the alphabet.
-count to 14...20 if you help her.
-has almost all of her teeth...recently started getting her "fangs" in.
-weighs 25.8 pounds on most days...a little over 26.2 on others.
-is 32.6 inches tall.
-is very independent
-continues to say: "please, thank you, you're welcome, bless you, excuse me, etc"
-loves animals
-sings and dances all the time (especially loves the songs from Frozen)
-cries whenever anyone leaves
-always says "I'm ready" once we park the car
-loves to read
-loves chicken
-loves spicy foods
-has ate about 60000000 popsicles and freezies this summer
-lovvvvvvves candy...just like her mom (terrible habit)
-lives in dresses
-her hair has blonde highlights
-climbs on everything
-is fearless
-loves her 2 cats at home
-jumps on the trampoline whenever she can
-sings herself to sleep
-has to have all of her "friends" in bed with her before she will go to sleep....aka a dolphin, stingray, monkey (2), curious george, and her sleep sheep
-is verrrrrrry sensitive if you raise your voice at her or show any disappointment
-loves swimming
-gives everyone in our house a kiss goodnight before she goes to bed
-likes trying to get dressed herself
-takes showers by herself
-likes pouring things into other things
-likes pouring things on the floor......much to my dismay
-loves running
-always says "can i have some more"
-says hi and always gives our Mary statue a hug before she goes inside
-tells people shhhhh if someone is sleeping..even if its a picture of someone sleeping in a book
-copies everyyyyyyything you say
-is pretty shy around new people
-gives the same "mean" looks as her mom
-likes to jump on the bed
-is very "motherly" to her dolls and animals
-loves to help clean
-loves to say: "get away" or "i don't wanna/want it"
-sings to rap songs......might have to stop that soon though lol

those are all the things i can think of off the top of my head....I'm still surprised every day about how smart, funny, and caring she is. I'm just so sad that she is growing up so fast.

I will post pictures from her parties hopefully sooner than later.

Hope to see y'all at her parties!

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I also have about 230948230948 videos to upload but that is going to take forever, so that will be a project for another day.